Terms and Conditions

1. CHECK IN: Our check-in time is 1400hrs. Guests are required to produce their ID, drivers licence or passport. No guest will be allowed residence without the required identity documentation.

2. CHECK-OUT: Our check-out time is lO:OOhrs, Please inform the reception if you wish to retain your room beyond this time. A maximum extension of 1 hour {60 minutes) may be granted depending on availability of rooms. On failure of the guest to vacate the room on expiry of their booking, the management shall have the right to remove the guest and their belongings from the room ..

3. DEPOSIT: A deposit fee shall be paid by every guest at check-in as surety for keys and possible damages. It shall be refunded when checking out.

4. LUGGAGE STORAGE: Subject to availability of space, guests may store their belongings in the luggage room for a stipulated fee.This is at their own risk. The establishment shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage from any cause.

5. PETS: Pets may be allowed at the establishment provided prior arrangements have been made and special permissiongranted by management.

6. DAMAGE TO PROPERTY: The guest shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to property caused by themselves, their guest or any person for whom they are responsible.

7. NOISE LEVELS: Guests are requested not to disturb fellow residents. No loud music, screaming and shouting shall be allowed after 2200hrs.

8. PARKING: Guest are allowed to make use of the parking space at the establishment. A parking fee shall be paid at checkā€¢ in and a voucher or receipt issued. Vehicles are parked at their owner's risk. The establishment shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred.

9. UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT: Gambling ,contraband, prostitution, dangerous weapons, fire arms and explosives, are strictly prohibited on our premises.

10. NO SMOKING: All our rooms are strictly NO-SMOKING zones. Guests are therefore not allowed to smoke inside their rooms and/or bathrooms.

11. SAFETY AND HYGIENE: Guests are not allowed to cook inside their rooms. They are however, allowed to make use of the microwaves ONLYfor food warming purposes. Strictly no open fires on the premises. A special permission may be grantedto make use of our braai facilities in selected designated areas.

12. VISITORS: Guests may only entertain visitors up to 2200hrs. Our security shall have the right to evict all visitors after the said time.

13. LAUNDRY: Guests are allowed to make use of our laundry facilities. A fee shall however, be paid before gaining access to the machines.

14. SERVICES: Faxing and copying services shall be available at the reception. The required fee shall be paid in advance and receipt obtained.

15.PROFESSIONALISM: All our members of staff are constantly striving torwads the highest level of professionalism. Guests are equally expected to treat our staff with the respect they deserve. No personal relationships or private business shall be allowed between our staff and our guests.

16. PAYMENTS: Cash, credit cards or EFT payments are accepted, No cheque payments will be considered.

17. ALL COMPLAINTS: Complaints, compliments and/or suggestions should be emailed to [email protected]